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The advisory group represents some of the most forward-thinking minds and thought leaders in the sectors that relate to how The Beautiful Game assesses potential investment value and evaluates the organisational health of newly acquired assets. The group is comprised of both industry practitioners and academics, to ensure that the methods we implement are both evidence-based and applicable to real-world sports business situations.

By extending our reach to include some of the most respected, influential and intelligent people in the world of sport, sports business, business and academia, the Beautiful Game Group LLC are able to explore, assess, understand and optimise every vertical within a high performance sports organisation. 

Many new owners and investors enter the sports industry with a narrow understanding of certain aspects of a professional sports operation and confuse this insight with a complete awareness of how such a complex organism lives. The Beautiful Game Group LLC recognises the challenges that each facet of a sports team can present and through our experience, understands the power of collaborating with our diverse family of professionals from around the world, to gather a variety of perspectives on a wide array of vectors. 

Together, we are able to conduct thorough due diligence of potential assets prior to acquisition to ensure we achieve an accurate valuation. Together, we are able to undertake comprehensive functional diagnostic assessments of each vertical within the organisation during the first months of ownership. Together, we are able to construct a detailed strategic development plan that is in line with our vision, mission and objectives. Together, we place ourselves in the best position to achieve sustained success.

Our Investor Relations team connect us with our global investor network.

Our Business Strategy team are executives, consultants and academics, with extensive experience in leading strategic planning for sports and social enterprise businesses.

Our Community Engagement team have extensive experience in building constructive dialogue and forging productive relationships between businesses in the sports industry and their communities.

Our Data Analytics & Statistics team have both applied and theoretical experience in the collection, management, analysis and interpretation of data in the sports, business and healthcare sectors.

Our Events & Sponsorship team have been responsible for the curation, planning, funding and execution of hundreds of sports, cultural and entertainment events on a local, regional and global scale.

Our Finance team have experience in leading the financial performance strategies, accounting and business systems for multi-national corporations and sports organisations.

Our Fund Management team have extensive experience structuring, marketing and operating various types of investment funds, with up to $6 billion of assets under management.

Our Governance, Ethics & Compliance team have extensive experience in regulatory, governance, commercial and financial, risk assessment and management both from audit and legal perspectives.

Our Human Resource and Recruitment team are experienced in working with large multinational corporations and sports organisations to optimise their recruitment and employee management services.

Our Legal team are a highly respected group of legal professionals with experience in various facets of sports, mergers & acquisitions and investment fund law.

Our Marketing, Communications, Media & Brand Development have a diverse array of skills centered around developing and promoting the stories of hundreds of companies, teams and athletes around the world.

Our Operations Management team have expansive experience organizing the operational strategy, logistics and execution for military and high performance sports organizations.

Our Organizational Learning team are experts in developing communication and learning frameworks for education in schools, businesses and sports teams.

Our People and Culture team are responsible for having created some of the most respected cultures in high performance sport.

Our Performance Management team are some of the most respected professionals in the world of high performance sport.

Our Sports Operations team is internationally respected for their work in managing, recruiting and coaching established athletes, in addition to identifying and developing talented potential.

Our Technology team have extensive experience in consulting for large corporations, government office and teams in relation to IT systems, blockchain, cyber security, sports technologies, fintech, AI, data visualisation and accounting technologies.

Our Ticketing and Sales team has extensive experience in the fields of direct marketing, B2B, B2C and ticket sales operations.

Members of the Advisory Group are not employees of, or compensated by, Beautiful Game Group LLC but may receive fees or compensation from the Limited Partnerships (or a portfolio company).

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