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Our Technology team have extensive experience in consulting for large corporations, government office and teams in relation to IT systems, blockchain, cyber security, sports technologies, fintech, AI, data visualisation and accounting technologies.


Tejinder Basi

Tejinder is CEO at Cyberium Consulting and Adjunct Professor at UBC. A former Partner at Deloitte, Tejinder specialises in business transformation, enterprise governance and risk assessment. He also consults on IT systems, blockchain, cyber security and M&A support.


Gary Boddington

Gary is CEO of Sports Tech Group, which provides administrative solutions for athlete management, ensuring connectivity and security. Gary has extensive experience in sports tech, fintech, blockchain, data visualisation, AI, accounting and ERP applications.


Chris Elliott

Chris is a technologist with nearly two decades of building and supporting complex technology systems that solve important problems. A former consultant and professor, Chris brings a unique mix of knowledge, best-practices and successful patterns that enable him to deliver quality technologies.


Hudson Harris

Hudson is a population health strategist, collaborating with governments, social service agencies and universities to build novel solutions to problems that span traditional boundaries. In the private sector, Hudson’s work focuses on building go-to-market strategy.


Dr. Chris Rowell

Chris is a Senior Associate at Performance Frontiers and author/course leader of the "Strategic Management of Blockchain" module and "Micro-certificate in Blockchain Innovation & Implementation" at UBC Sauder School of Business. Chris researches new market emergence and digital platform strategies’ influence on value creation.


John Tolkamp

John is an experienced VP and Chief Information Officer, operating as a technology consultant, delivering technology solutions and managing large projects. John was formerly the President for Cycling Canada and Campaign Director to Brian Cookson (UCI President).

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