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Dr. Oliver Finlay

Founder, Managing Partner

After 23 years as a performance director, performance coach and physiotherapist in various sports including soccer (English, Scottish, Thai Premier Leagues, national teams), basketball (Turkish Basketbol Süper Ligi, Euro League), motorsport (Formula 1), athletics (Team GB), hockey (NHL), tennis (ATP, ITF) and rugby (Pro 14, national team), Oliver accepted a PhD position at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 

Oliver’s PhD research focused on identifying the objective markers of success and processes of change and performance management relating to high performance sports organisations around the world. Applying this knowledge to develop strategic plans for investors seeking to buy sports teams, Oliver refined the parameters for the assessment criteria used to establish current valuations and growth potential of professional sports organisations.

Oliver’s interest in how sport could influence communities developed whilst representing Scotland’s national field and indoor lacrosse teams at several world and European championships, latterly as captain. Since his school days, Oliver contributed to the development of the grass roots game as a coach and later as the national performance director. Oliver’s purpose is to support individuals, high performance sports organisations and communities in reaching their full potential and achieve sustained success, through the medium of sports, science, health and wellbeing.

Oliver is responsible for the strategic planning and identification of assets for the Beautiful Game Group.

Dr. Oliver Finlay: Team
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